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Duke Lacrosse Players not in the Pants

Posted by Patrick on 13 Dec 2006

It’s evident that, based on the returned DNA testing today that showed the Duke rape case stripper was essentially lying all along, the loneliest 3 white boys in Durham now have a leg to stand on when their trial begins in the Spring next year. I mean, I have never believed that any of the boys did what the girl said they did, especially since she can’t tell a straight story about what happened. Being from the deep South myself, I do very much understand that there are few southerners who *can tell a story the same way every time, but in this case I will forget my heritage if it helps to annihilate this bitch.

I guess I wonder most what the girl hoped to get out of the trial. Money? You think college kids have money? Obviously you’ve never set foot on a campus except to make a little change doing some ass shaking. Word to the wise — college kids are broke. Lying about being gang raped, and then having some real scientific evidence show that you’re just one more lying bitch, should equate to many, many counts of things like filing false police reports all the way up to gool ol’ perjury.

Maybe the girl wants to go to prison so that she can just be treated like a whore all the time and not get paid for it? I hear that career choice is in high demand with the overflowing prison populations these days. If anyone’s going to jail over this case, it’s this bitch.

addendum: 15 December 2006
Ok, so now it’s in the news that the stripper bitch is 9 months pregnant and has probably already delivered a baby. As if the girl needed another hit to her credibility, this new crack baby thing pops up and makes us all wonder… hmm. This bitch was out there saying that she hadn’t been sexually active. The DNA testing showed there was jizz or whatever from several other guys in her and on her clothes, but not from any of the three college boys that she says raped her on March 13. Now there’s some hard evidence that this bitch in fact was sexually active around this time, so that is just wonderful. And all this time, I’m watching for Mike Nifong to actually do something. Man, Nifong is fired as DA. This guy needs to grow a pair and just come out with the facts that can get this case dismissed. I’m sad for the people of North Carolina whose tax money is being spent by dragging this BS out when there’s very clearly no case against these boys.

So, I hear what you’re thinking. What is this kid pops out white/mulatto? Here’s a news flash, every baby looks white when they’re born. It takes days, sometimes weeks, for skin color (in the form of melanin, btw) to begin proofing and showing through the skin. So if you hear a media frenzy about this bitch having a white baby, just relax. Every black girl has white babies, they just darken as their bodies get exposed to air.

And, what’s going to happen when this stripper doesn’t consent to a paternity test on the baby? You know she won’t; that’ll be the nail in the coffin for her already fleeting chance to get some money out of these boys. Here’s a clue — the boys were already chipping in to pay you for services at this party; you should have taken that money and just gone home rather than all this crap.


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