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Miss USA Conduct in Question?? WTFz

Posted by Patrick on 14 Dec 2006

Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006
Today I think the hyperpolitical climate of this country (that would be the USA) has found its all-time low. Of all things, the Miss Universe pageant people want to investigate our Miss USA, Tara Conner, because of suspected conduct issues after hours in NYC. I saw something from Donald Trump, who is part owner of the entire Miss Universe gig, saying that he “couldn’t talk about it” but that the committee would get together soon to discuss and decide what to do.

Now, I don’t want to sound like I’m making some philosophic, profound statement, but unless Tara was out selling wizard sleeve or bobbing for apples in public, leave the girl alone. I hear all this yeah-yeah about how Miss USA is supposed to be a role model for people. Hello? Does anyone else see that what this girl may be out doing is so likely to be tame compared to what you read about in Hollywood every day?

I mean, she’s not out with Paris Hilton going commando and showing the paparazzi what bald beaver should look like; she’s not out getting high and popping pain killers before trying to drive home the wrong way down a damn highway; she’s not out in the media being so proud to be sober for 1 week despite being under the legal drinking age. If you ask me, the girl is a role model, and it doesn’t hurt to be so beautiful that all the plastic girls in LA start making appointments for touch-up work.

Word to the wise, Mr. Trump: unsnap the hairpiece for a few minutes and look at America’s young people today. The average teenage girl doesn’t give a damn about the things Miss USA represents because they are either too busy getting high, running up a wireless phone bill, practicing their deep throating, or looking for ways to do any of those things without their parents actually finding out (those who have parents that actually care, that is). 2 of 5 girls that are high school age have had sex at least once and 3 of 5 high school seniors have reported that they’ve had sex at least once. If Miss USA is supposed to be conjured up to help sway these kids into some mindlessly obedient lifestyle that is shaped after her actions, then I don’t want any Miss USA, because that’s exploitation. Let Tara be Tara as long as she’s a good girl by today’s standards, which I’m sure are much different than when you were in your 30s back in the day.


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  1. […] A few days ago I posted about Miss USA’s conduct being in question and I laid it down on the Donald for him to come to grips with reality about how today’s younger generation is much worse off than he realizes, and a few fits of underage drinking is practically nothing compared to what you see in Hollywood from underage celebrity girls there. […]

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