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So What If Jessica Simpson Messed Up

Posted by Patrick on 15 Dec 2006

Jessica Simpson, Housewife of the Year

Yes, that’s right, I’m going on record defending the beautiful, blonde bombshell singer/actress Jessica Simpson. Recent reports in the tabloid press are giving Jessica a hard time for 1) her “I’m so flustered” moment honoring Dolly Parton at the Kennedy Center and 2) needing some ear prompting on the set of her new movie. Can I just say something: so what if Jessica has made a few mistakes?

I mean, last time I checked she’s still human — perhaps some of the hyperinvasive mediarazzi see her as either superhuman or subhuman, but not us real people on this planet — and if we need to talk about humans who’ve made mistakes, I think we can find some much larger things wrong in this world than a woman who is this beautiful making simple, honest mistakes in the course of doing what we should consider to be her J-O-B.

Are we so low in our culture these days that we have to spread ridicule of the celebrity/famous for entertainment value and, hopefully, some coin on the side? I could spend hours describing how this kind of media attention doesn’t exist in more civilized countries like Japan, where celebrities are actually allowed to have some privacy if they request it (in this country, it sure takes a court order from time to time for the same effect). Are our celebrities supposed to be flawlessly executing robotic machines who aren’t entitled to sometimes do things about which they aren’t so proud without the risk of endless mediarazzi shame? Are we so superficial and shallow that we will use miniscule things like this to judge Jessica for what we want her to be rather than who she actually is? The answer must be yes. So, for what gain do we do this?

Bottom line: Every single one of you guys, and a healthy portion of you girls for what it’s worth, would kill to be the swiffer in this photo, and you and I both know it (as a guy, I am also guilty). Forget the bullshit news about petty things; this girl’s beautiful. How can you not love Jessica?


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