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Ossifer, I’z Done Bought Me Some Bad Crack

Posted by Patrick on 19 Dec 2006

It was in yesterday’s news that a lady in Hawthorne, FL (between Gainsville and Palatka, if that matters) walked up to a police officer at a convenience store and told him that someone had sold her some “bad crack” made of cocaine and wax. Hard to believe? It gets better. Then the lady took the rock out of her mouth, put it on the police car and asked the officer to inspect it. When the officer tested it for cocaine, and it was positive, the lady was arrested for possession.

Ok. I’ve had my share of *duh* moments, but can I just state the obvious about how stupid this lady is for a minute? What do you think she was trying to accomplish, because there’s only 3 possibilities if you ask me:
1) the lady was trying to get a night in jail to get off the streets because she was tired of pawning wizard sleeve
2) she wanted to get the guy arrested for selling imitation crack
3) she was going to try to get the cop to help her get her money back, so she could buy some “good” crack.

What’s your vote?


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