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Miss USA still Miss USA

Posted by Patrick on 19 Dec 2006

Miss USA > Miss Universe

A few days ago I posted about Miss USA’s conduct being in question and I laid it down on the Donald for him to come to grips with reality about how today’s younger generation is much worse off than he realizes, and a few fits of underage drinking is practically nothing compared to what you see in Hollywood from underage celebrity girls there.

Today, it’s evident that the Donald was listening. He has decided to let Tara remain as Miss USA and wants her to rehab for the supposed drinking habits. He continued and showed some poise in admitting that this beauty from podunk Kentucky got caught up in the “whirlwind of New York [City]”.

While I sure do wish that this party girl would have been in Denver getting down, it’s certain that she won’t be guilty of underage drinking any more — she turned 21 yesterday.


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