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Welcome to Denver, Mr. Iverson

Posted by Patrick on 20 Dec 2006

Let me say up front, I’m not a basketball fan per se, but this is big news local to me.
Counting down to the January 2, 2007 game between the Nuggets and the 76ers will now be a news item here in Denver, where the Nuggets, who are not historically known for blockbuster trades, have dealt Andre Miller, Joe Smith and a few draft picks in exchange for Allen Iverson and Ian McFarlin.

Averaging 31+ points per game this season as the bearer of the scoring burden for the 76ers, AI joins Carmelo Anthony, who was leading the entire NBA in scoring until the 15-game suspension started yesterday, and a solid core Denver team that is having a pretty solid season thus far. I hope that once AI gets settled, he provides some veteran mentoring to Melo and helps that kid grow up a little in the league. It’s not about talent, it’s about stuff like what happened in New York where cooler heads should have prevailed.

AI’s first game with the Nuggets is probably this Friday, though there is a home game tonight (sold out, but there’s a freakin’ blizzard in Denver today).

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