Against the Grain

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Blizzard Freezes Denver

Posted by Patrick on 22 Dec 2006

I live in Denver, and the blizzard that dumped on the entire eastern half of Colorado Wednesday and Thursday was the worst snow by far that I’ve seen since I’ve been living here (~3 years). You’ll hear reports of people being stuck on the road or folks who can’t get out to get where they need to — I just want to make it clear that those people are idiots with 1 exception.

There were some people who just couldn’t get back home Wednesday, and I don’t fault them for trying to get home. But there were people on the news talking about how they needed to finish Christmas shopping, so they were going out. These people are just plain idiots, and I mean hardcore, soccer mom idiots.

This morning I was driving in to work (it stopped snowing last night, roads are ok today) and I passed no less than a dozen SUV type trucks that were stuck at the bottom of a hill. I just laughed as I rolled past in my 2WD Volvo that has the engine throttle switch and owns snowy conditions.


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