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24 Season 6 Episodes Leaked

Posted by Patrick on 7 Jan 2007

I’m not very wise on this issue, but I’ve heard through the grapevine that WalMart is going to be selling a DVD that has the first 4 episodes of the new 24 season plus a 12-minute trailer for the 5th episode, and that this DVD is supposed to be released for sale between the airings of episodes 4 and 5. Good move for marketing purposes, but I’ve heard that this DVD has been leaked and the 4 complete episodes are floating around the internet.

So I have to think that this maybe wasn’t such a good idea after all? Though it’s commonplace logistically to deliver DVDs a month before they go on sale, in this case is it really wise? I wonder if they’re planning to do the next 4 episodes as well, because I’ll be able to tell if Fox has learned a lesson with this leak or if they’re really out to turn a buck on this show.

editor’s note: 10 January 2007 I have been receiving dozens of messages and emails from people asking me where they can get their hands on the leaked episodes. Please do not ask me where to get or how to do this, as I am not going to be providing that information either in an email to you or as part of this post. Any more comments which ask how to get these episodes will also be removed. Thanks –Patrick


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