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MS Vista and Office 2007 Touted on Amazon

Posted by Patrick on 8 Jan 2007

Amazon sent an email today touting the pre-orders for MS Vista and for Office 2007. It looks like the Home Premium edition is the cheapest of the upgrades at $154.99 (US) and the Ultimate Edition Upgrade is $249.99 (US). Office 2007 begins at $139.99 for the Home & Student upgrade edition and gets significantly more expensive from there.

It makes me wonder, when I see prices like this for operating systems and productivity suites, are they really worth that much? Am I so disenchanted with XP, which I’ve been using since around 2001, that I need to go drop $150 for some new organization tools on an operating system that is uber-robust and tries to manage everything for me? Probably not.

While I do have some heartburn with Windows in general, I’ve got a bit of a love affair brewing with Ubuntu/Kubuntu v6.1. Not only is the distro still a single CD in size, it’s noticeably more efficient in nearly everything it does compared to Windows. And given cross-platform interfaces like Wine, my inherent need to run Windows “because my favorite programs don’t run on Linux” is going the way of the do-do. (I even got IE6 running on Ubuntu just for s&g).

Office 2007, however, is pretty impressive from what I’ve used with it during the beta period. I won’t say I’m in love with it compared to 2003, but I do happen to like some of the key new features in Visio, Outlook and Onenote, as well as an appreciation I’ve developed for MS Groove. IMHO OneNote is the best application in the Office suite, and it’s sad that it’s probably the second-most overlooked after InfoPath.

Will I trade Ubuntu for Office 2007? Probably not; but I will continue to work on applying the suite to my Linux distribution.


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