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Kanji-A-Day 18 January 2007

Posted by Patrick on 17 Jan 2007

Today’s kanji (Japanese usage) is:

ashita / asu

The first character contains both the character for day(日) and moon(月) implying one complete day prior to the second character for day which occurs by itself.

Incidentally, the second character is also the shorthand symbol for Sunday (日曜日) pronounced nichiyoubi.
Also, the character 月 is shorthand for Monday (月曜日) and when prefixed by a number, such as 7月, represents that month (or moon) of the year.

other related terms of interest:
一昨日 ototoi: 2 days ago
昨日 kinou: yesterday
明後日 asatte: day after tomorrow
明々後日 shi-asatte: 3 days from now


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