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On the Fate of Percy Weasley

Posted by Patrick on 22 Feb 2007

Harry Potter fans have come to read quite a bit about ol’ Percy Weasley over the course of six volumes. It’s pretty clear that Percy plays a minor role of family tragedy beginning in Order of the Phoenix, when we learn that Percy and the Weasley parents had a serious row and falling out. JK Rowling almost purposely sticks Percy thereafter in situations where he should be looked up to, but portrays him as an insufferable suckup who is determined to drop trou if necessary for favor with the minister of magic.

During part of Half-Blood Prince, we see Percy back at the Burrow and visiting with Molly at Christmas time. JK is clear that Percy didn’t want to speak with anyone else during this visit, which just so happened to be with the new Minister himself in his garden visit with Harry trying to persuade him to frequent the Ministry office in a hokey PR campaign.

Without giving away the context of book 6’s ending, we get a brief mention of Percy as the Minister’s bystander once again in the last few pages of the book (at an event the Minister and Harry attend). During this scene we are browbeaten by Ron’s incessant babbling about wanting to break away and smack Percy in the head. So, we’re to assume that Percy is still very much out of favor with the Weasley family at the end of the story as we know it right now.

So, what will be the fate of Percy Weasley in HP:Deathly Hallows? It’s quite an interesting plot line, honestly. He’s the third of six boys in the pureblood Weasley family, which we learn in OotP is distantly related by marriage to the Black family (and the Potter and Malfoy families, for that matter). (The Black family tree is on Wikipedia if you want to go look at it.) Here’s my take on this plot line:

During the course of book 7, we know that there’s a Weasley wedding between Bill and Fleur — this is a minor plotline in books 5 and 6. It’s somewhat hotly debated if Percy will show himself. I happen to think that he will indeed show at the wedding, but in doing so will earn little to no favor with the family parentage because he’ll continue to conduct himself stiffly and piously. However, I can see that later on in this final volume, Percy will finally make amends with Arthur, and that he will somehow play a pivotal role in flipping information from the Ministry (possibly from the Minister himself) to Harry via {insert any Weasley here}. We’re introduced to this idea in book 6 when Hermione says to Ron, “Dumbledore says people find it far easier to forgive others for being wrong than being right.”

Yes, a bit the opposite of the popular opinion right now, I think Percy will be a one-usage go-between by tipping off Harry or providing some kind of information that is very relevant or even critical to the storyline progression. And I think doing this will bring him into such a redeeming light with his family, that even Percy himself will reconcile with his family and regain at least some of the respect of his brothers and sisters.

Please comment on your perspective.


2 Responses to “On the Fate of Percy Weasley”

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  2. Patrick said

    man, I was half right. He did make amends but he wasn’t at the wedding (was he?)

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