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On the Return of Cho Chang

Posted by Patrick on 23 Feb 2007

Cho Chang, the Ravenclaw vixen who so easily drew together the heartstrings of our Harry Potter over the course of HP volumes 4 and 5, only to let JKR squash this loveweb in volume 6, was one year ahead of Harry in school. This should imply for all of us that she “graduated” from Hogwarts when book 6 ended (or possibly we will witness the true end of term in the first few pages of book 7). So, what we don’t know is what Cho set off to do with herself after schooling concluded.

Here’s what we know about her (and this is by no means a complete statement of facts):

  • House: Ravenclaw. Witches who are sorted into Ravenclaw are done so for their pure wit and cunning, as we are told in the very first sorting hat ceremony (book 1 chapter 7). We have to imply that Cho is smart
  • she’s a skilled quidditch player and quite a fan (though we can assume most young wizards and witches are fans)
  • Her allegiances are strong and difficult to violate. This was shown in several cases: 1) when Harry asked her to the Ball, she declined though she clearly wanted to go with him; 2) when the DA forms, she does so to learn how to combat those who killed Cedric; 3) when her friend Marietta betrays the DA, Cho sides with Marietta instead of Hermione/Harry. On the Express in book 6, she remained loyal to Marietta and ran from Harry when she saw him.

I think those facts will suffice. As Dumbledore said, “From this point forth, we shall be leaving the firm foundation of fact and journeying together through the murky marshes of memory into thickets of wildest guesswork.”

I’m going to suggest that Cho returns in Deathly Hallows and plays a relevant role. Not only as some object of Harry’s affection, which I believe the last book will not afford us their reunion given the status of Harry+Ginny at the end of book 6, but to provide something of importance to Harry’s quest. Let’s recall that Cho believes Harry when he said that Voldemort killed Cedric. I believe strongly that she is still haunted by Cedric’s memory and will continue to take action which can help Harry or anyone else avenge Cedric’s death.

So, I will go out on a wild, wild limb and suggest that Cho has become an Auror in training. Let’s see how that one plays out. Cho’s love life? Well, if you must know, I think we’ll never know what happened. JKR has taken strides in book 6 to downplay Cho’s love life as an important theme.


One Response to “On the Return of Cho Chang”

  1. Patrick said

    I believe I was right with guessing how Cho’s role in the story played out. The whole “honoring Cedric’s memory” was right in the wheelhouse.

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