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On Harry’s Lovelife

Posted by Patrick on 24 Feb 2007

Some random HP reading around the Internet today really got my HP pot stirring. I’ve already suffered through one post where I swoon about Cho Chang and the possibility of her playing an important role in Deathly Hallows. Well, though I probably don’t have much to say on this topic, it got me thinking about the possible hookups for Harry in this last tale.

Let’s first look at where we are as Half-Blood Prince comes to a close. If you haven’t read through to the end of this book yet, I advise you to stop reading this post because I’m going to start talking in the tongue of the spoilers

So, we were last left with the apparent breakup of Harry and Ginny Weasley. Revisiting it slightly, Harry forces his hand to end their relationship, citing that he doesn’t want Voldemort to use her again to try to get to him — noting very clearly that he cares too much for her to let something like this happen. Ginny counters with the famous tagline “What if I don’t care?” and then continues, dismissingly, to soliloquy about how the “knew it would come to this” and told a story about how the “never gave up” that implied a very deep love for Harry. Let’s also note that Ginny spoke last between them and not Harry.

This is the current state of affairs, as far as we know.

So, let’s prognosticate based on what we do know. I am pretty firm in my belief that Ginny and Harry will end up together. Perhaps they will not be together for a spell of the final book, but Ginny is too special of a character to not be paired with Harry. There’s the whole seventh daughter of a seventh daughter notion, noting that Ginny is the seventh of the Weasleys and the only girl for generations in the family.

But, let us also note that she bears a striking resemblance to the description of young Lily Evans (though their eyes are different). Does Harry see his mother in Ginny? After seeing her in “Snape’s Worst Memory” I would conclude that he indeed does see Lily in her. Is this what drew him to instinctively snog her down after the Quidditch championship?

One last thought. Ginny’s full name is Ginevra. This name is derived from Guinevere. Of course, Guinevere was the Queen of King Arthur (let’s forget the little tidbit about betraying Arthur with Lancelot and the whole downfall of the kingdom bit for now, ok). By some far-fetched metaphor, Harry could be seen as the wizard King Arthur, yes? A war leader and a noble one and the same?

Now, what if Harry and Ginny doesn’t pan out? What are Harry’s real options?
Hermione — clearly not, unless Ron dies early on. JKR has her and Ron knotted
Lavender — too whimsical; she was a warmup for Ron even
Gabrielle — too young. and awkward.
Pansy — never with a Slytherin
Katie Bell — no apparent chemistry; not impossible
Angelina — not likely
Cho Chang — entirely possible, very unlikely
some muggle — doubtful. JKR is better than that


One Response to “On Harry’s Lovelife”

  1. toshspice said

    Come on, He has to get back with Ginny. I think they are made to be together.

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