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On Hogwarts in HP:DH

Posted by Patrick on 25 Feb 2007

This post, by its nature, contains spoiler information up to the end of HP volume 6. If you have not read to the current end of the series and do not wish to have your hopes obliterated, then do not read this post. You have been warned

—- begin post —-

One of the few things we know about the state of Hogwarts at the end of HP:HBP is that it needs a few new personnel. Unless something very odd happens like in book 5, I expect that Prof. McGonagall will remain the headmistress. This means that there are openings for Transfiguration and for DADA, and possibly for Potions if Slughorn doesn’t stick around. We don’t have a solid indication one way or the other on this I believe — Slughorn was the head of Slytherin at the end of book 6 and didn’t remark on resigning in JKR style.

We learn from one of the many JKR interviews that one of Harry’s classmates ends up as a professor. Granted, we aren’t told whether they become a professor during their 7th year or at some point in the future, so we have to assume it’s after graduation. A vast majority of the HP fanbase has Neville pegged for this role, because JKR has played heavily on Neville’s love for Herbology over the last 3 books. But I don’t believe it, honestly, well, not completely.

I am of the opinion that it’s Hermione who becomes a professor — and quite possibly that she becomes the transfiguration professor much like McGonagall was. This wouldn’t be the first time that McGonagall has made special circumstances for Hermione (let’s remember the time-turner) to accommodate her sheer brainpower, and JKR plays Hermione up as instructor material over books 5 and 6, where we see her actually correcting Ron’s and Harry’s work — in previous books we’re just told that they “copied” from her. I think transfiguration suits Hermione well. We’re told about her performance in the class and it is always exceptional (as are most other classes but not divination), and the amount of discipline it apparently requires is also a strong point for Hermione to take this role.

So, what of the positions that need to be filled this coming year? I think we’ll either see more of the same characters filling these roles, or we will get totally new characters to take these posts. What I’m interested in is seeing who the DADA teacher will be. I think most people are. We have been told by JKR it won’t be Lupin again, though that would have been a fine choice. If we examine the rest of the gambit, who is left without introducing a new character? It can’t possibly be Snape returning to the post. He’d get soap-n-socked on the first night. I’ve thought about this for quite some time with no good answer as of yet. Wild guess — one of the elder Weasleys, possibly Arthur or Charlie but not Percy. I don’t expect someone like Lucius Malfoy to be in this post.

Other opinions welcome. Please chime in.


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