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Heroes Episode 18 “Parasite”

Posted by Patrick on 2 Mar 2007

Here is the official episode summary from

As the election and destruction of New York approach, Nathan meets up with Linderman. Hiro attempts to steal the sword heading him in a new path. Suresh and Sylar make progress with the list at great cost. D.L. begins to suspect problems at home. Isaac paints an even more terrible painting. A new hero, Candice Wilmer, appears. Simone isn’t dead yet.

My oh my my my. As we saw for about 1.3725 seconds at the end of last week’s episode, Simone was apparently angry and standing in Isaac’s studio with him and Peter. We had no real clues prior to last week that Simone might be “special”. I say that last week was clue-ridden, because there’s no other *logical explanation for why Sulu and HRG met on the roof of Simone’s father’s building except that he was either a) conducive to help their cause, b) an employee on the inside or c) otherwise “in the know”. Simone being special began to make perfect sense.

As much as we loved the one-act play in ep. 17, it looks like we’re back to the short clips in ep. 18 that attempt to tie the story closer and closer together. What’s your feedback, and what do you want to see, in the coming episode? Let me know in a comment.

edit: 4 March 07 I’m pulling my feed of the show now. I’ll comment on its quality once I’ve watched it completely.
2nd edit: 4 March 07 I just finished watching ep. 18 — it’s definitely a setup episode for what is going to happen in ep. 19. But, despite the fact that it may not be considered “as good” as ep. 17 by most, I thought it was a great episode. The plotlines are starting to tie themselves together nicely.

I will answer specific questions on ep. 18 if they are left as comments; if you’re asking for spoiler info I’ll reply by email.

3rd edit: just after first NBC airing: Oh for the love of GOD. WHY MUST YOU TAKE ANOTHER 7 WEEKS OFF OF THE BEST SERIES ON TELEVISION NBC??!!?! Honestly, did you start this season too early, or is there just not enough story to make a full season (hard to believe). You introduce a new hero just this week, show that she can pwn any situation or get any information out of people; you cliffhang us with Sylar vs Peter, which I believe Peter wiggles out of in the next episode; you tug at us with introducing Claire to her real family; show us Hiro getting the sword he sought for his entire journey after seeing the painting; you pull in HRG as a casualty, and then it’s… wooptee doo wooptee doo! Let’s take 7 weeks off and substitute some weakass lamefest in this timeslot because we don’t need any ad revenues on Monday night. I guess now I have an excuse to stop DVR’ing 24 since it’ll pwn Monday nights for awhile. Lame, NBC. Absolutely lame. Now I have to hope that the feed I get isn’t interrupted for this long.


One Response to “Heroes Episode 18 “Parasite””

  1. Diana said

    Yeah. I’m incredibily pissed. Bastards.

    Great episode, though.

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