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Does Beckham have an Injury Clause?

Posted by Patrick on 6 Mar 2007


After what I’m sure was a nearly heart-stopping moment for LA Galaxy GM Alexei Lalas, when David Beckham injured his knee in the 69th minute, it raises the question on Beckham’s contract. Does he have an injury clause? Looking down the line at a roughly $27.5M base salary with the MLS team, it would be a severe hit to not only the LA Galaxy, but to the entire MLS if it turns out that Beckham can’t play.

Here in Denver, where the Rapids call home, there is already chatter in the community about the August showdown with the Galaxy visiting here. I’m sure the place will sell out by MLS standards, and I will also be making an appearance, since I am a bit of a Rapids fan. But, if Beckham weren’t going to play, how many people would lose interest in attending? Simple answer: lots. It wouldn’t matter if he didn’t even get a single touch in the entire match, people will come if Becks is going to be on the field, and if he isn’t, chances are they won’t “waste” their time attending the match. That’s the simple truth of Americans — if we know in advance we won’t be getting what we want, will we still do a thing?


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