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John Couey: Only in Florida, I Guess

Posted by Patrick on 7 Mar 2007

So, 48-year-old convicted sex offender John Couey was recently convicted of murder in the first degree by a Florida jury in a case where he kidnapped, raped and buried alive a 9-year old girl. He had originally confessed to the crime, but it turned out his confession to the crime was thrown out of the court — though I don’t know the whole story, I’m sure this was on some stupidly legal technicality.

It’s publicized today in the news that the jury is now going to debate on the death penalty for Couey, with the other option of life/without. How long do you think a jury is going to deliberate over this one? 15 minutes? And only because it takes 14 minutes to record the votes properly?

I don’t want to hear any of that conservative Republican propaganda about how people like this can be salvaged or don’t deserve the death penalty or how the death penalty is wrong, ok? — let’s leave Church at church and talk about State for a minute. I don’t care if you’re Billy Graham sitting at the left hand of God himself, if it was your daughter, would you want this guy sucking down your tax dollars and stamping your Florida license plates for 3.4 cents an hour the rest of his life? There’s no debate here, really. Maybe they should be debating about how to execute this bastard. Personally, I say throw him to the lifers in a max pen and let them do whatever they want with him until he dies, but if he lives more than 8 hours, it’s firing squad.

Comments involving religion in any form will be deleted immediately. Keep your Bible out of my Zen Buddhist house.


5 Responses to “John Couey: Only in Florida, I Guess”

  1. Patrick said

    author’s note: I had a very lengthy and well-written comment from someone named Frank which included a short story about how Couey should be put to death. Frank, if you read this note, I enjoyed your story thoroughly and I agree that it’s what should be done. While I think the level of detail shows pride in the work, I can’t allow something that graphic to be part of my blog. Sorry. I tried editing it for a PG-13 version, but that’s just impossible.

  2. Frank said

    No problem dude. I was mainly looking for critique from other writers…thanks.

  3. Frank said

    I put up a blog for the story – here’s the link:

  4. Alicia said

    i agree with you a 100%, however, it is not REpublican’s who don’t want to put him to death, its freaking Liberals. get your facts staright! Republicans are FOR death penalty, Liberals are NOT.

  5. Patrick said

    yeah I suppose that is the panacea du jour. there’s so much flip flop in politics these days I can’t keep up. I’ll edit “conservative Republican” to say “liberal knucklehead”

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