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Susie Shinner as Young Lily Evans

Posted by Patrick on 9 Mar 2007

Susie Shinner? as young Lily Evans

Susie Shinner as young Lily Evans

edit: 25 July 2007 — so, out of nowhere this post is suddenly getting a couple hundred hits per day. was there something announced about Susie? let me know in a comment
Ahem…wtf? The thumbnail on the far right is the “first” photo of Susie Shinner that started circulating the wild, wild Internet as early as months ago. And on the left, there’s a candid of her (she is in the hat) and some other girl, and it’s purported that this photo is the “real” Susie. I guess my question is, aren’t they the same girl? Look at the full-size photos closely. It’s the same girl — down to the almond-shaped eyes and chin dimple. Amazing what some hair color can do, yes?

For me, the first photo is .. woah and has me thinking “no wonder Snape loved her” and “if I were James, I would’ve, too”… but, then again, the character of Lily was created well before Susie was cast in this, albeit minor, role in HP:OotP.

Miss Shinner is in the 18-19 age group and it’s reported that the coming film “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” is her acting debut. (I kind of doubt this though).


edit: 25 July 2007 — here is the 1/2 second of screen time for young Lily Evans that is in Snape’s Worst Memory.  This certainly looks like Susie (the image is a little washed out), do you agree?



14 Responses to “Susie Shinner as Young Lily Evans”

  1. scribbulus said

    The eyes and nose are identical…I agree with you.

  2. Diana said

    Uh, yeah, the look the same to me.

  3. Patrick said

    I realize that I didn’t make a key point clear. There is rumor on the Internet that the photo on the right is a fake and isn’t actually Susie.

  4. Patrick said

    what. a. letdown. in. this. movie. Susie has about a solid 1/2 second of screen time. No lines. She’s a little bit too hot for that.

  5. Chelsea said

    Lily is my favorite character and I was looking foward to seeing Susie Shinner act her out. I didn’t even see her in the fifth Harry Potter movie! Why cast her if we don’t get to see her? Maybe Susie Shinner will be in the seventh movie because Young Lily plays a huge part in the seventh book.

    Looking at the two pictures, I’d have to say that the people who think the picture on the right is a fake picture are pretty stupid. Lol!

  6. Patrick said

    Chelsea, there is about 1/2 a second of snape’s worst memory that shows her hugging someone else, but it’s hard to tell who it is.

  7. Lisa said

    Patrick, I never saw the 1/2 second clip in the movie… in your post you said “here is the 1/2 second clip…” but you didn’t give a link. it would be great it you somehow had it, no? when the DVD comes out, the first thing i’m doing is fast forwarding to snape’s worst memory and PAUSE/PLAYing that whole scene! it goes by far too fast! 😀 and i can’t wait to see the young lily (in the movie)!

  8. Patrick said

    Lisa, what I mean by that is the still image is approximately the entire 1/2 second of screen time for miss Susie. It is a freeze-frame from Occlumency lessons during the scene you’re describing.

    • Kym said

      Is the picture you provided not of Geraldine, the woman cast as the adult Lily? It looks to me that it is.

  9. Mike said

    The one on the right isn’t suzie, I went to school with her and that’s not her! The one on the left is!

  10. Trin said

    There was another scene with her, and they cut it completely. There is a photo on wikipedia, and they even cut the scene from the deleted scenes. That *above* snippet is also shown at the beginning, it is the photo by Harry’s bed.
    With them leaving out susie completely, this makes me think they are recasting Lily…they cut Lavender Brown out of the first few films and left the actress as playing an anonymous character, and then have re-cast her now. And, what’s more, she’s completely left off the end credits.

  11. Jaden said

    That added edit picture is of the older Lily Potter, I think the actress is Geraldine Summerville, I can’t quite remember her name…

  12. kemi said

    just to say I actually know the ‘real’ susie shinner, the one on the hat in the left. She studies english at durham university (england) with me and we are in the same accomodation. Basically the one in the hat on the left is the real one and she is in the harry potter films, the one who is on the right is definetley a fake. Susie shinner goes away for shoots and stuff and is in loads of plays at uni, she’s really nice and when she is famous I am gonna sell her clothes on ebay and make lotsa money…yay!

  13. Writing Skills

    Susie Shinner as Young Lily Evans

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