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Emma Watson as Hermione Granger

Posted by Patrick on 19 Mar 2007

Emma Watson - Zit buster!

Continuing in my brief review of the HP cast, there’s really nothing new here, is there? We’re witnessing young Emma Watson blossom into a beautiful young woman right here on the Warner Brothers screen, aren’t we?

My primary concern is that Emma will always be Hermione to those of us who have only seen her in the HP film series. I personally think that her performances have improved over the first four movies and I’m hopeful that this coming fifth installment is no letdown on that trend, because Hermione plays an increasingly critical role in the series beginning with this fifth segment. However, I believe that Emma is capable of delivering a solid effort, knowing the emotional range that is required to play well in the “genius outcast” type of character.

As a side note — I recently noted that I came by a rather compromising photo of Emma, and further that I refuse to post it because I respect that she is not a proper adult — it’s not pornographic, but quite compromising — so please stop asking me for it. I did confirm just today that the source of the photo doesn’t exist anymore, so the answer to “where can I get it” is “nowhere I know of”.


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