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HP Pressing Questions

Posted by Patrick on 21 Mar 2007

I caught wind of this from toshspice’s blog down the hall and thought it merited a reply of its own. The original post is from neighboring Life: v2.0 and contains this post on the length of the final HP book being billed at 784 pages for the US edition (roughly 700 expected in Bloomsbury’s UK edtion).

I’ll take the time to answer these 10, though I can certainly think of more which are just as pressing to me.
Pressing questions:

1. Is Snape evil?

Yes, of course not. He is evil in the face of evil and good in the face of good. Ultimately, he is good, not evil, because of his love for Lily.

2. How does Dumbledore continue to help Harry?

We were basically told this in OotP when Sirius died and Harry went to talk to NHNick about ghosts.

3. What is the deal with Aunt Petunia?

She knows.

4. Who will die?

Snape and Voldy. Probably someone else like Lupin or Bill Weasley or Fleur (she has no other purpose than fodder)

5. Is Harry a horcrux?


6. Will Ron and Hermione get together?

Yes, they will.

7. Will Harry and Ginnie get together?

Yes, they will, but not until later in the story.

8. Will Lupin marry Tonks?

No. But if Tonks dies, we’ll hear Lupin say he loved her.

9. What will become of Hogwarts?

It’ll be open for the year, and continue as it always has.

10. Does Percy reconcile with his family?

I’ve previously said that I think so.


2 Responses to “HP Pressing Questions”

  1. ruhi said many right! How did you do that? I always felt that Snape wasn’t evil. I have always loved his character. But I really thought that Hogwarts wouldn’t re-open and always felt that Harry being a Horcrux is a stupid theory.

  2. Patrick said

    I was pleased to have nailed #1, the rest were bonuses.

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