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Heroes Episode 19 “.07%” Comments

Posted by Patrick on 28 Mar 2007

I have watched this episode and I will say that it is good enough to hold up a seven week layoff from air — though I will agree with most people very openly that NBC didn’t do very well with running Deal or No Deal 2hr specials for weeks while I could have been watching Heroes, despite Hottie#1 (see my post by this name) being one of the models.

The episode is still not as good as our one act play from episode 17 where we all went “omfg” at every turn, but it is very well put together with tying the plotlines and there are some very good twists which I personally had pegged to go a different direction, so most other people will probably think the same thing.

I’m looking forward to episode 20 “String Theory” which takes a look into the near future (Claire is a brunette, wrarr!)

Here’s the official synopsis of the coming episode from I can say that it’s accurate to the episode but more things than this happen (as usual):
Sylar and Peter face off. Sylar will face off with another Hero and Isaac’s new pictures show a dead Hero without a brain. Two unexpected reunions will occur and Linderman will reveal to Nathan shocking secrets and plans. We will meet a computer savvy geek and a competent security guard who works in the Corinthian Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. A hero dies.


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