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Dumbledore was a Horcrux

Posted by Patrick on 3 Apr 2007

It’s widely debated on the wild, wild Internet that Dumbledore did or did not create a Horcrux, and that he did or did not place his soul portion in Fawkes. I think it is preciously overlooked that Dumbledore could have been one of Voldemort’s horcruxes. I won’t carry on with a detailed explanation of what all I am basing this on, but here is the short version:

  • In HBP, Dumbledore’s hand is mangled and we never find out exactly why because Dumbledore chooses not to discuss it with Harry. As the story is told from Harry’s point of view, if Harry doesn’t know, we don’t know, either.
  • It is commonly held that Dumbledore probably got his hand jacked up messing with one of Voldemort’s horcruxes (Marvolo’s ring if I’m not mistaken). I consider this to still be true.

My contention is that Dumbledore was attempting to transfer one of Voldemort’s horcruxes into himself, so that if he died, part of Voldemort’s soul died with him. I also believe that Snape knew about this, and was therefore able to perform the killing curse with a clear conscience.

So, no I do not believe that Dumbledore created a horcrux for himself, but that he absorbed a horcrux of Voldemort’s.



5 Responses to “Dumbledore was a Horcrux”

  1. leslie r said

    Very interesting! But wouldn’t Dumbledore tell Harry? If it’s Harry’s job to find the rest of the Horcruxes, wouldn’t Dumbledore say, “oh, don’t worry about the last one – I took care of it.”
    As for Dumbledore making Fawkes into a Horcrux – I don’t buy it. That’s very dark magic and Dumbledore wasn’t into that kind of stuff. I don’t think Dumbledore would want to tear his soul in half for any reason.

  2. Patrick said

    Hello Leslie. What I gather from HBP is that Dumbledore actually did tell Harry a half-truth when he said he destroyed the Horcrux in Marvolo’s ring — he half explains how the act of destroying it nearly killed him and that “a withered hand does not seem an unreasonable exchange for a seventh of Voldemort’s soul. The ring is no longer a Horcrux.”

    On the part of creating a horcrux, it’s pretty well-agreed that only the killing part of the horcrux spell is evil. But not all killing is premeditated or malicious — those who are in favor of the Dumbledore had a horcrux theory cite that as part of their argument. My take is that JKR said he is properly dead; that should be the end of it.

  3. toshspice said

    That’s amazing. From past stories, Dumbledore has not told Harry the whole truth or just left information for a need to know. I do not think that he wanted Harry to feel sorry for him or for Harry to tell others.

  4. cnaj said

    Wow, that was an interesting insight. Yes, he could have absorbed a horcrux so that, as you said, he can take a part of Voldemort’s soul dies with him. Very clever intake on a small detail (since it was only mentioned in the book that his hand was blackened, but was never explain). 😀

  5. Patrick said

    I was so close with this theory. So close. But completely wrong.

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