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Inkheart — a HP:DH countdown time killer

Posted by Patrick on 16 Apr 2007

A friend of mine recommended (quite vehemently I might add) that I pick up a copy of Cornelia Funke’s book Inkheart. She compared it to HP, so my interest was piqued right away and I went down to B&N and got a copy. After reading the first 40+ chapters (they’re quite shorter than HP chapters) and leaving about 60 or so pages in the story, I think it’s a *good book and mostly well-written, written on about a 5th-6th grade reading level, but I have to distinguish it from the caliber of HP books.

Perhaps it’s style for me; I like a book that moves, something where action > exposition and I only know enough scene details to understand where the character is and what their conditions are like. HP is like that a lot and JKR adds items to her scenes as they progress. Inkheart is great at providing vivid scenery, but for me it’s almost overkill. I guess the other thing that doesn’t do it for me compared to HP is that the true exposition of the book is about the first 1/3 of the story. I feel like she didn’t want to give away the premise of the story until she had to, as if to bring some shock/wow factor in, but by the time I got to that part, I wasn’t interested in continuing much longer without knowing.

Has anyone else read Inkheart and Inkspell while waiting for HP:DH to surface?


2 Responses to “Inkheart — a HP:DH countdown time killer”

  1. snpnmnmi said

    Yes, and I loved both. But would agree that the Inkheart books are clearly written for children/youth, whereas HP has an ageless audience.
    Don’t give up on them, though… read to the end and enjoy them for what they are. Perhaps if you didn’t try to compare the 2, you could enjoy it more.
    I am enjoying your thoughts on HP. Can’t wait for July! A little niggler of a thought has been creeping into my mind lately. I’m thinking Harry’s abilities on the broom and seeking will play a part in the final “hunt” for a horcrux. Your comments on the book covers and how the characters seem to be in an arena got me thinking. Hmmm…

  2. Patrick said

    I finished Inkheart about a week ago — probably the day after I wrote this initial post. I thought the last 50-60 pages were definitely better — as in they contained a sufficient amount of action without over-exposing the scenes. But overall, the story was soooo slow to progress, and I just wasn’t particularly impressed by the big reveal that tells you why you’re reading the story in the first place which occurs in about the 17th chapter. I’ve let a friend of mine borrow Inkheart, but I’m not so sure if I’m going to pick up Inkspell and suffer through another 400 pages to be only mildly entertained. Although I did thumb Inkspell at a Target the other day and one of the chapters starts with a quote from HP:GoF.

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