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Heroes Season 2

Posted by Patrick on 23 Apr 2007

I’ve heard some chit-chat about “this is the END of Heroes?” tonight after the NBC promo says there are only 5 more chapters of Heroes left. I’m here to tell you that there will be a Heroes season 2 — volume 2 to be exact. I read an interview with Tim Kring where he reminded us that the beginning of the Pilot episode told us it was “the beginning of Volume 1”. In that same interview, Tim also says that Volume 1 will come to a close in episode 23 (yes, the season finale) and that Volume 2 will be a different storyline, albeit there may be some of the same characters next season (which I hope there are).

So, you folks who are down and out thinking Heroes is one and done, rest well tonight. It is going to be around for (quite) awhile longer. The story is so character agnostic (so easy to add and subtract characters) that it could almost be a soap opera epic series if it can hold its fanbase — and maybe cut down on its commercial airtime.


One Response to “Heroes Season 2”

  1. I think I read that Kring has it mapped out for like 3 or 5 seasons already…..For all I know, it’s a rumor, but still, I agree. Heroes is going to be around for awhile.

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