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Heroes Episode 20 “Five Years Gone”

Posted by Patrick on 25 Apr 2007

I’ve had the opportunity (and trust me, I took it) to watch next week’s episode of Heroes which was initially entitled “String Theory” — this changed in the recent weeks to the current title that will go to air. Oh man oh man, this is one of the best episodes yet! It’s not completely a one-act play like episode 17 was with the showdown at the Bennett’s house, but it’s close.

For me the best part is Claire as a brunette. We see most of the major players, but also the WiFi girl and the Haitian both made appearances despite being absent in the most recent episode.

OOOOhhhh this is getting interesting! I don’t normally get excited about TV, but this is one show that continually improves (despite a somewhat slow storyline at the onset).


3 Responses to “Heroes Episode 20 “Five Years Gone””

  1. I’m glad they are bringing back WiFi (Hana?)…She was there for that one scene, and since gone.

    That power is just so cool to me…

    I’m glad I stuck around too, because it was REALLY slow-going in the beginning….Now it’s easily one of my favorites this season.

  2. toshspice said

    It was good. Who do you think is going to stop the villian?

  3. Patrick said

    Hi tosh, I can’t really make a fair comment now because I’ve had the privilege of watching episode 21 already — in my line of work it’s one of the perks. I will say that there is some significant story progress in episode 21, but until I post about it later this week I don’t want to say anything else.

    The events leading up to now in the story are all relevant, just so you know. I’ve had to re-watch a few episodes to digest the entire thing.

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