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DISPROVEN — The File that Claims to be, but is not, HP:DH

Posted by Patrick on 5 May 2007

There is a well-circulated rumor in the HP multiverse where an early manuscript of HP:DH was supposedly leaked out on the wild, wild Internet. I’ve seen this same thing linked from several well-respected wordpress blogs such as Dr. Mike and each also cites the belief I share in that this is a pretty lengthy fake (aka a fanfic).

I’ve previously said that I love fan fiction, but I am not a fan of things like this — where a fanfic writer sticks their work out there and claims it to be the real thing. I accept fanfic submissions all the time on my other blog for that very reason, but to date I haven’t seen a fic for HP:DH submitted that claims to be written by JKR herself (and why would she submit the most popular book ever into a public domain blog?).

Nonetheless, I will provide a link to the claimed HP:DH manuscript. I skimmed a few pages in the middle and it seemed like it flowed ok, but it didn’t strike me as something JKR would have written — a little too young and frankly quite out of context for the writing I expect from such a renowned author, as well as a few poor vernacular uses and jargon that struck me as immature.

Peruse for yourself; I’m interested to hear what people really think about this fanfic work.

update, 5 May 2007 It appears that everyone who said this is a fanfic is correct. I identified the same contents of the pdf file linked above as a compilation of a published fanfic at The Seventh Horcrux @ melindaleo. That being said, I’m sure someone took it upon themselves to grab this somewhat non-publicised fiction work chapter by chapter and pass it into a pdf (easily done with MS Word 2007) and spin it out as a “leaked copy” of HP:DH. Those of us who know JKR’s style and looked at this fanfic could easily spot voice, tone, and language differences even in the first few paragraphs. It also didn’t help the person who posted it on digg as a leaked copy that there’s an author’s note at the end of chapter five that reads:

A/N: This chapter was written before JKR clarified how a Secret Keeper worked, so I left it as is. I do need others able to get into Grimmald Place.


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