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Heroes Episode 20 comments

Posted by Patrick on 7 May 2007

Hayden Panettiere as brunette Claire. Yowzah!

Sorry this is late; ep 21 airs in the US tonight. I have already seen ep21 so I will try to keep my comments in context of ep20.

So, what are your reactions to episode 20?

One of my friends pointed out what they believed to be a flagrant foul in the series cohesion from this episode. The episode takes place five years in the future. But we hear from Hiro at the outset that Sylar had killed Claire, which was why he regenerated when Hiro stabbed him. Future Hiro seems very interested that Peter was able to save Claire at homecoming. So, if future Hiro didn’t know that Claire was alive five years later, how WAS she alive? We presume that the big bomb in NYC brought them all together, especially now that Hiro and Claire are both in New York in the pre-bomb storyline. Do you think HRG had stolen her away from the Petrellis?

I guess my contention is that episode 20 takes place in kind of an in-between point in time. We hear future Hiro pleading that the regular Hiro needs to kill Sylar, and he was disappointed that he hadn’t done it yet — I chalked this up to future Hiro not knowing the exact point in time from which the regular Hiro came. I had assumed that it was ok for Claire to be alive in (most of) this episode, because we’d seen that Peter saved her at homecoming, but we hadn’t seen the rest of her story after she visits the Petrellis and gets told to go off to Paris. If she did end up going with Angela, then wouldn’t that explain why she survives the big bomb?

Is the past in this episode incongruent with what we hear from the mouths of the future heroes? Weigh in!


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