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Paris to Ahnold: WTT Head for Pardon

Posted by Patrick on 9 May 2007

LOS ANGELES: In a recorded telephone conversation between celebutante Paris Hilton and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, there is little left to the imagination as to how far Paris will go to avoid her 45 days in the concrete box. The droves of mediarazzi surrounding the Hilton camp began hammering her and mother Kathy with questions about the telephone conversation shortly after it was recorded and leaked to the media by an inside source at the LAPD, which holds authority to record her phone calls as a condition of her now-violated probation.

Responding to the barrage of questions as they left the camp for a day of shopping, Kathy Hilton said, “You can believe what you want to believe. The truth is that Paris is being singled out because of who she is, and we are doing everything we can to prevent her from being victimized by the judical system of this state.” Certainly seems in-play for Paris. When posed with similar questions, Governor Schwarzenegger just smiled and quipped, “That’s hot.”

author’s note: I’ll pardon the first hot blonde (woman) to volunteer for the duty.
And yes, this is a fictional report.


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