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Heroes Season Finale (episode 23) and micro-spoiler

Posted by Patrick on 16 May 2007

I have seen the season finale of Heroes, which airs in the US on May 21st. I will first say that I had not exactly (or completely correctly) anticipated what happened, and I think you would have to be among the best of prognosticators in order to get every event exactly right.

I will not be making any general statements about what happens during the episode until after it airs on the 21st, but with a single word I could vastly change what people think about the way this episode is going to shape up without actually giving anything away. It’s pretty unexpected.

A single spoiler word appears on the line below this one. Highlight the next line down if you dare. No refunds on what it does to your ideas if you go there.
edit: 20mins after air. The spoiler word was Simone for those of you who were too afraid to peep it. If you watched the episode, you understand. If you had to DVR it, it doesn’t give anything away like I said.
2nd edit: 22 May 07. I considered the word Noah for this spoiler, but I thought it would just confuse people because, up until last night, we had no idea who Noah was. As an aside, isn’t Noah a poignant name?

In an interview with Masi Oka, he indicated that the last few minutes of this season (more correctly, this Volume, entitled ‘Genesis’) will segue into season 2, which will be Volume 2 ‘Generations’. We don’t know very much about what this means yet, and we only have a glimpse of what it may mean at the end of this season. To quote JK Rowling, I am being shockingly indiscreet. I don’t want to spoil that bit for the people who read these posts.

What are you all looking forward to hearing and/or seeing in the Heroes season finale?


3 Responses to “Heroes Season Finale (episode 23) and micro-spoiler”

  1. Orest said

    How were you able to see it so early?

  2. Patrick said

    sorry orest I must protect those who serve. but I work in the television industry

  3. Patrick said

    I hope, now that the season finale has aired, that people will look at my spoiler word and realize that I was right to say that it doesn’t give anything away, but it plays a critical role in the story.

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