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Another HP Q&A

Posted by Patrick on 21 May 2007

I came by this Q&A from toshspice’s blog. Thanks girl.

1. Favorite Harry Potter movie- Prisoner of Azkaban
2. Favorite Harry Potter book- Order of the Phoenix
3. Least favorite Harry Potter movie- Goblet of Fire — too many omissions, pretty poorly done overall
4. Least favorite Harry Potter book- Chamber of Secrets tho it’s important to book 7
5. Favorite Harry Potter Character- Fred and George Weasley
6. Least favorite Harry Potter Character- Dolores F’ing Jane Umbridge excellently developed, but I hate her
7. Spell, Charm or Hex you most wish you had the ability to perform- Engorgio!
8. Reason for desiring to perform said Spell, Charm or Hex- to … enlarge.. things at will?
9. If I were in Hogwarts, my house would be- Ravenclaw. It says so on the right had of this page!
10. If I played Quiddich, my position would be- chaser — I like defense
11. My favorite Hogwarts subject would be- Transfiguration
12. After graduating Hogwarts, my magic profession would be- St. Mungos Healer
13. Harry Potter character you would most like to snog- From the books, Ginny Weasley. From the movies, Bellatrix LeStrange
14. Magical creature you would keep as a pet- buckbeak
15. Favorite method of magical transportation- the knight bus
16. Make up a spell, complete with name and function- replicum delicioso Conjures forth an extravagant meal based on what you are thinking of when you cast it.
17.. If God could do magic, would he be better than Dumbledore?- even fight probably
18. I have read all (so far) 6 Harry Potter books- true
19.. I have pre-ordered book 7- the deluxe edition, true
20. I have re-read all (so far) 6 Harry Potter books- except for book 2, yes
21. I own all the Harry Potter DVDs- true


3 Responses to “Another HP Q&A”

  1. ruhi said

    Ah my favorite character are the Weasley twins too. I was so upset when she killed off Fred. It was just too cruel. They have some of the best lines in the book. Esp. after they take the Polyjuice Potion and change into Harry, Fred says, “Ah..we look identical”. Heh.

  2. Patrick said

    I was hoping that Percy would die instead of Fred. It would have proven that he is a nitwit. Could have been a touching scene with Molly groveling over him if he’d died, but alas, he lives to dispute bs laws in the epilogue.

  3. ruhi said

    I wouldn’t have missed Percy one bit. That’s why Rowling didn’t kill him. That means that Percy’s character was inked so well. Rowling really made us dislike him. I kind of liked Draco Malfoy for some crude reason. He looks hot in the movies too 😛

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