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ESPN taking the sex appeal route? Ok by me

Posted by Patrick on 21 Jun 2007

Maybe it’s the just way the timing of the summer reporter and anchor schedules happened to work out. But I beg to differ on this subtle but noticeable move that ESPN is flirting with recently by introducing more sex appeal in the anchor slots for their studio shows and remotes. Let’s take a peek at what I mean.

1. The College World Series remote in Omaha. Who is anchoring that coverage? Yes, it’s the uber-hot, single, smokin’ University of Florida graduate Erin Andrews. Granted, she has some chair time to her credit in her pre-ESPN days, and I give Erin dap for being much more than just a hot body in front of a camera, but this is probably the hottest girl in sports reporting today, and ESPN has taken her out of the dugout/sideline role and put her in a chair. Solid move ESPN, it has me watching.

2. NFL Live: This is normally hosted by Trey Wingo or Merrell Hoge. Who’s filling the chair on the right today other than football sideline reporter goddess Bonnie Bernstein, keeping Mark Salisbury at bay. I love Bonnie because she understands the strategies behind the game and not just what she reads the day of a shoot. Yes, she’s a capable anchor, but again ESPN has taken one of their own hotties and given her a lot more face time with the camera. Again, solid move ESPN, I watch reruns of NFL Live a few times a day.

3. SportsCenter. There isn’t much new here but it’s worth mention — they rotate anchors multiple times daily and take the best show for the overnight reruns. Chris McKendry was out for quite awhile (I believe for maternity leave) but she’s back and as hot as ever. They decided to bring over and do some makeover work on Cindy Brunson, who I actually thought was hotter with the glasses, but she’s still taking the sexy-news-lady role and doing ok with it using her new look. And don’t forget Michelle Bonner, who is on my “to do” list but maybe she’s not on everyone’s; Suzy Kolber who needs no introduction; and Linda Cohn who has her moments but is a bit more motherly than the other girls.

4. NASCAR coverage. All I need to say is Shannon Spake. I want to see more of this girl on TV — she doesn’t bubble up on google well at the moment but, give her time. I’ve got her in the top 10 of my “to do” list.

5. ESPN’s Bureau reporters. Have they even hired a guy in the last.. I dunno.. forever? Ask yourself, men, who you’d rather look at giving you a report: John Clayton or Colleen Dominguez? Pfft. Rachel Nichols or Sal Paolantonio? Pfft. Lisa Salters, Wendy Nix, and Holly Rowe or Woody Paige, Jay Mariotti and Michael Smith? (ok, the guys may be funnier, but hawt they are not).

and I’m not even mentioning WNBA game coverage, but just to get Stacey Dales’ name in this post, I just did.

To round out the gambit, here is what I think ESPN needs to do:

a. Get a hottie on Baseball Tonight. I think this would be great for Erin Andrews since she usually does baseball games.
b. Oust someone from NBA fastbreak and put in a hottie. Hire someone new like Sue Bird if she retires. She’s hot enough.
c. Find a way to get Amanda Beard on the staff (and my staff). She was on the HotSeat the other day and the studio nearly melted down.


edit 24 June 07 I’m getting a *lot of hits here from people looking for Amanda Beard’s nudie Playboy photos. I have seen them — she’s pretty smokin’ in them, but the photos themselves are almost tame enough for FHM or Maxim. There’s a few uncovered topless style photos in all their glory, there’s one camel toe shot where it’s still left to your imagination thanks to a carefully placed belly chain, and the rest are as suggestive and as teasing as what you’d see in FHM. So, gents, I’m sure you’ll find them eventually — WordPress would flip out if I tried to host them — but they’re not the creamiest cheese in the dip.


8 Responses to “ESPN taking the sex appeal route? Ok by me”

  1. michaeldealba said

    They should use topless ring card girls.

  2. angllhugnu2 said

    I thought it was hilarious how you gave Linda Cohn “the motherly” tag….She being one of the original ESPN “hotties.”

  3. Patrick said

    absolutely. There comes a time when you go from hottie to madam, and I think Linda has crossed that line.

    Incidentally, WordPress has me listed as the #3 fastest growing blog right now. I didn’t realize this post would be so.. umm… popular, but thanks to everyone who takes time to hear my opinion.

  4. michaeldealba said

    Congrats on being the #3 fastest growing blog! 🙂

  5. Brad James said

    Lisa Salters is an underrated and my favorite ESPN/ABC hottie. Bonnie Bernstein and Cindy Brunson are also excellent.

  6. Patrick said

    absolutely Brad she’s got a lot to offer. Plus she went to Penn State, which means.. well ok nothing, but it shows that she’s at least smart enough to know when I’m staring just beneath her collarbone

  7. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  8. Patrick said

    well, we are all entitled to our opinions, and 6 months ago when I wrote this post, this opinion was mine. But it’s pretty neat to see that what I said about NBA Fastbreak actually happened. ESPN bureau is starting to rely a lot more on Wendy Nix’s reporting whilst Rachel Nichols has been doing a mix of things to expand her horizons. And, it seems like whenever ESPN needs a special assignment person other than Roger Cossack (their legal analyst) it’s some late 20’s hot-stuff lady in a power business suit essentially radiating hotness through the screen and into my head a la the Halloween movies.

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