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Is Emma Watson becoming Britain’s Lindsay Lohan

Posted by Patrick on 28 Jun 2007

It’s the mark of a sad, socially-malevolent condition. Female minor movie star gets tied into life of heavy underage drinking and partying, then spends time in rehab to stop drinking before even becoming old enough to legally do so. Meanwhile, adolescent alcoholism promotes a commonly-linked addiction to painkillers like Oxy. It’s already happened to “Herbie the Love Bug” starlet Lindsay Lohan, who incidentally was at her hottest ever in a great part on SNL as a busty Hermione.

Pictures circulate the Internet all the time showing Emma Watson drinking. Let’s visit UK law for a second. It’s only illegal to consume alcohol in a residence if you’re under 5, where it’s only allowed if medically prescribed as per the Children and Young Person’s Act of 1933. The legal drinking age for most alcohol, especially beer, is 18. So, between 5-18 years old, it’s perfectly fine to get plastered in the privacy of your, or your friend’s, home. It is *illegal to do so in a restaurant or public house that is licensed for alcohol. There’s some laws about having port wine or sherry in a pub at 16 in the company of an adult, but I’m not doing research to find this out.

So, what does all that mean? Well, normally when we see our Emma drinking, she’s on a couch or sitting in what’s clearly a kitchen setting. Chances are it’s at someone’s house, so it’s technically ok. The question here, though, is whether or not we’re witnessing a devolving into what we’ve come to expect from Lindsay.

My opinion: we in America have to do a lot of Internet reading to really keep up with what Emma is quoted as having done. Though I have a few colleagues in London proper, I don’t get much news from them. So, it’s hard to say from my perspective. However, I really hope this is not the case and I am a little fearful that it might be heading this direction. It’s a shame if Emma takes this landslide downward like Lindsay has already done. Watching the general American pubescent male grovel over Lindsay only to see her turn into what she is now (no thanks to her parents, btw) is just saddening — if you’re a young girl you can’t exactly look up to her even though she’s a beautiful woman. On the other hand, Emma is in that 17 mode where we don’t really know what’s going to happen with her. I’d venture that as long as she doesn’t find her way to LA and get tangled up in the scene there, she may pull through to 21 just fine. I mean, she’ll be 19 when the last Harry Potter movie is filming.


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