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Who watched the HP:OotP premiere webcast?

Posted by Patrick on 3 Jul 2007

I caught a few minutes of it this morning – and man I think they were the right few minutes as well. Who saw Katie Leung at this event? Wow, I mean, I guess this whole time she hasn’t really had enough real movie dialogue for her natural voice to kinda take you away, but I’m a sucker for that light British accent. She was by far the best looking — I should say, the most put together — of the girls from the cast who were at the premiere, and I mean absolutely wonderful, but just hearing her talk for a few minutes without being in a character had me wishing I was about 15 years younger today. And insanely rich. And in London. And at that event.

I thought Emma Watson looked just like she always does, but man she looks pretty skinny, so I hope we really aren’t seeing her start to slide downhill. I’d give #2 honors to Bonnie Wright, and #3 to Jo Rowlling herself (stunning outfit) ~ they seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot more than that other girl. Emma seemed quite frazzled at the 50,000 autographs she decided to start signing.

On the guys side, they were all having a good time. The best interview in the webcast was uncle Vernon.


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