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Katie Leung as Cho Chang

Posted by Patrick on 3 Jul 2007

Katie Leung

Back in March, I began a review of the female cast for the upcoming movie, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” but evidently I never finished it. And wow, how could I have possibly forgotten the (arguably) most important girl in the Order of the Phoenix story?

The half Chinese/Scottish youngster Katie Liu Leung is one of the older cast members among the Hogwarts students — she will be turning 20 this year (in August). Katie has a lot of appeal visually ~ her first on-screen role is this recurring role as Cho Chang, but in an open audition that has her beating out more than 3000 other girls, and doing so with no prior film credits, is an absolute accomplishment. I give some ground that her actual acting in GoF is a little wooden at times, and I do expect it to improve in OotP since she has so much more of a major role.

What really gets me going is her voice. I watched an interview with Katie during the webcast of the OotP premiere, and being the part-Scotsman that I am just absolutely love hearing her talk. From the few lines she has in GoF it’s a bit hard to tell, so I do hope that it comes out a little more in the OotP movie.

I think it’s a little unfortunate, based on the reading, that she’ll be playing minor parts in the HBP and (I believe) DH movies. Of course, she’d be 23 or so before the DH movie kicks off, and that’s just quite ok by me.


5 Responses to “Katie Leung as Cho Chang”

  1. Patrick said

    complete. and. utter. disappointment. with. how. her. character. was. handled. in. this. movie. ommfgbbqwwtt

  2. Daniel Radcliffe said

    She is so pretty until I do not mind being her boyfriend like in the movies!

  3. Amie said

    She’s really pretty

  4. esther said

    hello im so angry with you because you kiss daniel radcliffe

  5. sally said

    you are so beautifull…
    you must be girlfriend of Daniel Radcliffe..hahahaha

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