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Kinda Hard Harry Potter Trivia, 10Q version

Posted by Patrick on 10 Jul 2007

Announcing: a sorta-kinda-hard trivia bucket of HP questions. I’d equate these to wombat lvl 2 for the JKR standard, though I got an O in the grade 3 exam which was recently posted on JKR’s website (your window of opportunity has closed if you didn’t participate). See how you fare with this set of 10 + a bonus.

Answer forms are accepted via the contact form at the bottom of the post. I’ll announce a winner on July 11th. If there’s a tie, I’ll announce multiple winners, duh.

edit: I closed this pseudo-contest. As it turns out, there was no winner, as nobody who submitted got more than 3 questions right. I have previously said in an edit that I had no correct answers to #3, and I concluded this contest without getting one, so I have answered it inline along with what I felt were “the easy ones”. I have taken down the contact form and enabled comments, so please fire away.

1. What is the astrological relevance of the very first password for the Gryffindor common room? What is its counterpart?
Answer: the password was Caput Draconis. Now, someone please answer the rest of the question

2. List all of the known passwords to open the stairs to the Headmaster’s office.

3. What is special about Hogwarts: A History in HP:HBP?
Answer: HBP is the only story in which H:AH is not mentioned by name even once.

4. How many stories tall is Hogwarts?

5. What was Harry concealing in a pair of Vernon’s socks?
Answer: a sneakoscope

6. What does Lupin tell Harry is an object that never lies?
Answer: the Marauder’s Map

7. What is Lockhart’s favorite color, and in which of his books does he claim that information is written?

8. In HP:CoS, why did Tom Riddle freeze during his rant about Dumbledore?
Answer: Because Fawkes appeared in the chamber

9. Name as many Hogwarts headmasters as you can.

10. What is the incantation for the spell Snape uses on James in Snape’s Worst Memory?

bonus: How many knuts are there in 23 galleons?
Hint: The relevant info is in HP:SS


6 Responses to “Kinda Hard Harry Potter Trivia, 10Q version”

  1. ruhi said

    Whoo…difficult questions.

    #2.. Acid Pop? Rasberry something? God..I can’t remember.

    #4. I think 7 stories.

    #7. It’s in CS…favorite color is Green I think.

    #9. Armando Dippet, Dumbledore, Snape, Phineus Negullus, there was aother one…totally forgetting his name. Am I allowed to cheat?

    #10. Sectumsempra?

  2. ruhi said

    Btw, Leaky Cauldron has lots of quizzes. Have you tried any of those?

  3. Patrick said

    hey you. Yeah I took some of their quizzes – they were pretty good. I’d say you got one of the five questions you answered correct (#10) 🙂

    For #4 don’t forget the topmost and dungeon floors.
    #7 lol it is lilac
    For #9 don’t forget the lady who has a portrait at St. Mungo’s

  4. ruhi said

    #9. Yes, I’m totally forgetting her name! Can you help me?

    Only one correct? That sucks so much 😦 Give me a curve! Heh.

  5. Patrick said

    You get a curve. How about partial credit for all the others 🙂

    Dilys Derwent is who you are thinking of with my help 😀

  6. ruhi said

    Ahh! Gotcha, thanks 🙂 hp-lexicon is my friend!

    Partial credit sounds good to me 😉

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