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Is Windows Live Writer what YOU blog in?

Posted by Patrick on 14 Jul 2007

I guess I’m a little behind the technology curve when it comes to blogging utilities ~ I don’t really have a problem with Firefox and the stock WordPress editor, but evidently the people who do that are now in the minority and a plurality of folks are using WLW for their blog posts.  So, I decided to give it a go; and this post is being drafted in WLW.

I guess the download and setup is simple enough, and it seems to integrate with WordPress well enough, so the fact that I travel a good bit might make it easier to blog on the go.

If you’re experienced with WLW, or you refuse to use it for some reason, please leave a comment or so and mention your thoughts and/or experiences.


2 Responses to “Is Windows Live Writer what YOU blog in?”

  1. Hi Patrick 🙂

    I don’t use WLV just because it doesn’t have a Mac version. I’ve tried it in Parallels Desktop in my Macs and works fine but I usually make my posts in a Firefox extension called Deepest Sender that works fine and doesn’t use many resources.

    Regarding local blog publishers, in Mac, I use often one called ecto that has many features and works great too.

    But, I must say that WLW works very well 😉


  2. ruhi said

    I use’s awesome 🙂 Once you start using it, you won’t want to use anything else. It’s a small application and doesn’t occupy much space. You can do EVERYTHING using it. In fact, it also lets you use colored fonts, change the way your images look (left, right, inline etc.), add tags to posts, make subcategories within categories…the list is endless. I would highly recommend it.

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