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A REAL HP:DH leak thanks to Scholastic’s idiocy

Posted by Patrick on 16 Jul 2007

First of all, I’d like to say that I absolutely abhor the killjoy atmosphere which has, for nearly 8 months now, surrounded the release of this book and the much sought-after need to provide some kind of proof/evidence that a person has acquired the manuscript for what will be the best selling children’s book for the next few years to come.

Now that we have dispensed with the niceties, there is a leak in the plumbing, ladies and gentlemen.  Out in the bittorrent community there are some confirmed images capturing the first 500 or so pages of the coming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows story, due in stores and on doorsteps everywhere this Saturday.  Yours truly has acquired access to said photos, though I have not yet partaken in them, and I currently have not decided if I am going to attempt to read them or not.

I am going to take the title page and include it as a link from this post.  It’s as far as I’d let myself wander down the list of images before I stopped to consider it.

Of significant note, I did not create these images, and I do not know nor do I care who did. I’ll be thumbing my own copy of HP:DH when it arrives here Saturday morning (UPS runs around 9AM here). I also want to say that I’m not going to, at any time, publish screens of the story, especially before the book is released.

I’d say that we can thank our dear idiot friends at Scholastic for getting these books in the hands of booksellers early ~ sure they want to be sure that retailers have time to stock them and they certainly don’t want any stores to not have their titles for a midnight sale on Friday night. But folks, today’s Monday. They could ship these tomorrow and still be in good shape, let’s face it. I agree with another WP poster who claims “so much for heightened security”.

edit: there is a subsequent verified leak out in the community which contains the entire book, photographed as images

HP:DH title page


6 Responses to “A REAL HP:DH leak thanks to Scholastic’s idiocy”

  1. […] Leak. Vrai ou Faux? All who visit this page looking for info on the HP:DH leak should visit this post instead for info on a *verified leak of the book. You’re still welcome to read this post […]

  2. Mick McMaster said

    found the book i.e. first 495 pages on [some file sharing site]. These are photo images of the pages.

    1. The book is dedicated 7 ways. Dedication one is to Nell.
    2. Chapter one is Dark Lord Ascending
    3. Chapter Nine is A Place to Hide – Page 160
    4. 36 chapters in all
    5. Epilogue is page 753
    6. Page 495 is chapter titled the Wandmaker.

    I am not going to read it. But the genie is out of the box.

    Mick, I edited your comment to remove the name of the site. The entire book (i.e. pp. 496+) are out there as well. It’s the same image source.

  3. Kal said

    You can get the whole thing on [some website] right now. Poor quality but readable, I was shocked to find it this early.

    Kal, I’m not interested in having places to get the leaked book posted on my blog. Thanks for your comment

  4. AZ Hiker said

    So why the big concern? This is like trying to open a Christmas present early. It sounds like a good idea at the time, but it is never as satisfying as waiting.

  5. phampants said

  6. Patrick said

    @AZ. The point here is that Scholastic, Bloomsbury, and the folks with whom they dealt for the pre-release work of this book were gaining notoriety for the amount of security placed on the book’s content. And look how ridiculous, how low-tech, how absurdly simple the first authentic leak of it is, despite all of that security.

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