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The HP:DH Answering our Unanswered Questions Post

Posted by Patrick on 21 Jul 2007

!!!Spoiler Alert!!!  The contents of this post are heavily laden with answers to questions existing after the end of HP:HBP.  If you have not yet read through HP:DH or if there is some other reason that you do not want to read plot spoiler info about HP:DH, then I advise you not to read the rest of this post. No refunds below this line; you’ve been warned.

Now that the HP:DH book is upon us to the resounding toll of 12 million copies in the US, I’ll start posting answers to the questions in this thread.  Previously this thread was dedicated to capturing questions that are unresolved at the end of HBP. I will continue to solicit for the questions that YOU want answered in the story.

If you have answers or additional information to use in answering any of these questions, please submit it in a comment below.

  • What is special about Lily’s eyes?
    • They are a reminder to Snape of his love for Lily.
  • What does Petunia know that she’s hiding from everyone?
    • That she wanted to go to Hogwarts and be like her sister.
  • Who is going to manage some magic late in life?
    • Didn’t see a clear winner, so I am going with Molly Weasley.  In OotP she got bested by a boggart, but here at the last she kills a very powerful witch in defense of her daughter.  Who agrees/disagrees?
  • (an obvious one) Will Wormtail repay his life-debt to Harry?
    • Yes, he does.
  • (another obvious) What is the true connection between Snape and Harry?
    • Multi-faceted.  Snape was in love with Lily.  Because Voldy killed her when she refused to stand aside, Snape went to Dumbledore and vouched to help protect Harry in Lily’s honor.
  • (related to suspenseful buildup) who doesn’t survive to the end of the story?
    • Oh there were a lot of deaths.  From memory – the Muggle Studies teacher, Hedwig, Mad-Eye Moody, Wormtail, Snape, Dobby, Fred, Collin McCreevy, Ted Tonks, Tonks herself and Lupin all died.  There were certainly more.
  • What happens at Bill and Fleur’s wedding?
    • Many things.  Harry hears 2 conflicting stories about Dumbledore’s past. 
    • Krum shows and gets into it with Luna’s father over wearing Grindelwald’s symbol. 
    • Death Eaters show up during the reception immediately after Kingsley warns them with his (lynx) patronus.
  • Do Tonks and Lupin ever get hitched?
    • Yes, and they have a baby boy named Teddy Remus.
  • Do Ron and Hermione stay together?
    • Yes, and in the epilogue they are married.
  • Do Harry and Ginny reunite?
    • Very briefly during the story. I thought Ginny was gonna do him for his birthday until Ron interrupted.  In the epilogue they are married.
  • Will we see Cho Chang again?
    • Yes!  And Ginny throws it down to ensure nothing cooks up between her and Harry.
  • What happens to the Malfoys? (they are out of Voldy’s favor in HBP)
    • They are very out of favor – Lucius loses his wand to Voldy.
    • Harry, Hermione and Ron combine to save Draco’s life twice.
    • Narcissa is the one who turns to Harry’s side first and she spares him at the last.
    • In the epilogue they meet at Kings Cross cordially.
  • What is the significance of Aberforth in the story? (we know he is in it)
    • He is the one with the other half of the 2-way mirror.
    • Holds the only unpatrolled path into and out of Hogwarts.
  • Which student becomes a Hogwarts professor?
    • Neville, in the epilogue, is the herbology professor.
  • Does Percy reconcile with the Weasleys?
    • Yes! (as I predicted) and he comes back for the big battle at the end.
  • What is Snape’s Patrounus?
    • (so delicately sad) a doe – the female of Harry’s stag, because of Lily.
  • What are the horcruxes?
    • Tom’s diary (CoS)
    • The locket of Slytherin (from OotP)
    • Marvolo’s ring (from HBP)
    • The diadem of Ravenclaw
    • Hufflepuff’s cup (was in Gringotts)
    • Nagini (total guess)
    • Harry himself
  • Is Harry a Horcrux?
    • Yes, he is/was.
  • Does the DA play a role in the story?
    • Absolutely.  They assemble upon Harry’s return to Hogwarts and all fight
  • What is Umbridge’s involvement? (JKR hinted she is in the story)
    • She had the locket.  Harry, Ron and Hermione infiltrate the MoM and steal it back from her.

From Leslie’s comments

  • What will Harry gain or be able to use the 2-way mirror for?
    • He called for help and got it (from Aberforth)
  • How did Harry’s parents defy Voldemort three times?
    • I don’t think we know this
  • Will Hogwarts reopen? If so, will Harry return to school?
    • Yes it does.  Harry returns to school but not as a student, only to look for and destroy the horcrux.

If you have questions that you want me to answer, place them in a comment and I’ll include them in this thread.  Cheers!


13 Responses to “The HP:DH Answering our Unanswered Questions Post”

  1. leslie said

    Didn’t JKR say something about seeing the two way mirror again?
    Will we find out what Lily and James did to defy Voldemort three times?

    You have good questions

  2. ruhi said

    I think Percy will reconcile with the Weasleys…would be pretty stupid not to do so. He has been shown as an idiot since Book 4. I think he’ll definitely come around in Book 7, some way or the other.

  3. Patrick said

    good point Leslie. I’ll add those to the list.

  4. toshspice said

    Those are some thought provoking questions. I haerd Neville and Ginny dies

  5. Patrick said

    thanks tosh. But I don’t think Ginny dies unless Harry dies – doesn’t fit the story. Neville maybe.

  6. leslie said

    Oh! I have another one
    Will Hogwarts reopen, and if it does, will Harry return to school?

  7. Patrick said

    excellent question. I’ll add it as well. But let’s assume that Harry’s quest is more important than his *attendance at Hogwarts; though he will undoubtedly return there during the story.

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  9. ruhi said

    Sweet post 🙂 Good of you to update it after reading the book. I was pretty sure that Percy would make up, but I didn’t like his two paragraph role. Also, could you please answer this for me:

    Why was he acting snooty in the Epilogue? Hadn’t he turned into a sweet thing during the battle? Did I miss something?

  10. Patrick said

    Yeah, I guess my take on that scene is that even though he came to grips with the Weasleys, Percy is still Percy – an “I am a school prefect” holier-than-thou politician. It’s only fitting to see him debating some mundane wizard law in his future.

  11. leslie said

    surprisingly, I think all but two questions were answered. For a minute there, when I was already 250 pages into the book, I didn’t know how they were going to get it all done. But it was a wonderful book. Sad to see it end.

  12. toshspice said

    Yeah Leslie the book did start off very slow. I also wanted to know what happened to HP? I got my Dumbledore fill. I also would like to know what happened to Snape throughtout the years. Like a behind his eyes piece.

  13. stephanie said

    Who is going to manage some magic late in life?

    * Didn’t see a clear winner, so I am going with Molly Weasley. In OotP she got bested by a boggart, but here at the last she kills a very powerful witch in defense of her daughter. Who agrees/disagrees?

    well we actually learn from jk that she was going to put someone in, but she decides against it. Although Ron learns a *bit* of parseltongue in the end.

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