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HP:DH Audiobook for your iPod

Posted by Patrick on 31 Jul 2007

Let’s face it, sooner or later the gestapo of Apple will be offering Jim Dale’s recorded version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for purchase and download via iTunes (an anagram of nutsie, btw).  But, even if that’s all well and good for convenience sake, why would you buy it from them?  Why would I download a set of DRM-encrusted m4b iPod-specific files when I can get the actual discs from any major retailer either online or in-store for 1)cheaper, probably and 2)more flexible? 

It’s certainly not rocket science to take the MP3 or AAC discs and convert them to nutsie’s format, thanks to freeware and shareware programs out there on web sites like freeipodsoftware.  I personally use the MP3 to iPod Audiobook Converter, and haven’t had any problems with the newest iTunes and current iPod firmware.  The only note worth mention is that the files need to be kept under about 4-5 hours runtime each, or you may have trouble getting your iPod into sleep mode.

Technical capability aside, nutsie doesn’t offer US customers the option to purchase the Stephen Fry reading of the UK book editions.  Jim Dale does a good job, but the UK readings are actually my preference, and they’re widely available – if you can’t find it at Target or a retailer, Britain’s Amazon has it.  I doubt nutsie, who thrives so heavily on targeted marketing, will ever come to grips with that.  Hell, I can’t even buy Japanese music from Japan via nutsie, but I can certainly get it from other outlets.  I went as far as to set up a proxy in Tokyo to get to the actual Japanese nutsie store online and just check it out. off topic, sorry.

So, who out there is planning to or has already dumped HP:DH audiobooks onto their iPod, even before the nutsie store has it for sale?


4 Responses to “HP:DH Audiobook for your iPod”

  1. ruhi said

    To tell you the truth, I have never listened to HP Audio books. It’s probably a very good idea, esp. for long travels. In fact, I’m leaving for India tomorrow and I think I’ll download the first book. But if I do buy them, then I won’t go to nutsie. Buying music from nutsie never occurs to me somehow. I get mine in discs and just convert them to nutsie’s format.

  2. Patrick said

    d’oh! When are you going to be back? i’m going to miss our informal conversations for awhile, I guess 😦

  3. Diana said

    I have OotP and HBP on my mp3 player, but I honestly just don’t have the patience for it. I read much much faster, and I found it difficult to stay focused on listening. I felt like I needed something to do. It probably would be better on a long trip or something, especially since I can’t read in vehicles. If I find myself faced with a long car trip any time soon, I’ll probably pick up the CDs and dump them.

  4. ruhi said


    I am downloading the books for my iPod. Jim Dale is pretty good, I must say. But he reads a little slowly for my taste. I agree with Diana- they should be fine for a long trip, when I find it difficult to read.

    I shall be back on 8/19. I’ll miss talking to you too. 🙂

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