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Writers Guild Strike Affecting “Heroes” Season 2

Posted by Patrick on 7 Nov 2007

Tim Kring said in an interview from the picket lines the other day that they had to re-do the ending of episode 11, in the event that season 2 has to end at that episode.

First, I want to say that this is a disgraceful embarrassment of American society to have union workers out picketing. It’s a centuries-old negotiation tactic steeped in negative reinforcement with those affected indirectly by the work stoppage. Labor unions are ok in some ways and not ok in others, but this is the very reason that industries don’t like to work with them. Honestly, there are probably as many good writers not in the guild as there are in it. When work stoppages like this happen, I wonder how seriously the other side of the bargain considers bringing in non-union people who’d work for the last offered proposal (it’s probably a high%).

Secondly, Heroes is really good this season. At seven episodes deep, and with the ending of episode 7 (so many ?s there) I can’t see this season winding down in 4 more episodes. I could see it going into a mid-season break like season 1 did, but there’s no way the entire second season story can wrap up in 168 more minutes of screen time. I’d be impressed and disappointed with that if it really happened.


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5 Responses to “Writers Guild Strike Affecting “Heroes” Season 2”

  1. josh said

    OHH MY GOSH!!! i cant believe its getting cut in half, its so wrong to do that and to leave all the answers unanswered!!! im so annoyed that they did that.

  2. adie in swansea said

    you’re a prick. the right to strike is something that all our families have fought for at some time in the past. when negotiations are fruitless is usually all that’s left. working people need to be supported. without the unions, the bosses would take and take until there’s nothing left to give.
    season 2 is awsome. my family are loving it. but get a grip. it’s just a tv show.

  3. Sam said

    I just wish that they had the common decency to wait until the end of Season 2. I’m sure the writers get paid heaps. Their gripe is because they’re not receiving royalties from internet broadcasts so that makes this a test case of great importance. On the other hand they’re probably overpaid anyway. They shouldn’t get royalties. Fixed price, do the job, stop ruining my televisual enjoyment.

  4. Alessandro said

    What you call “disgraceful embarrassment” is a right obtained by most civilized countries after centuries of struggle, a benchmark of development almost as important as national health care programs. Apparently, you’d rather live in a third world country and if there are many people like you in the US I believe you’ll reach your goal soon enough.

  5. Patrick said

    Since when is the right to have organized labor contracts a benchmark of development for a country? Perhaps attaining the level of commerce in industry that requires labor unions is a little bit more significant – what’s the point of having a union where there are no jobs.

    I never said people shouldn’t have the right to strike with their union; I just said that it’s a societal embarrassment when unions would rather walk out than work. In the case of this strike, the writers union strike created fiscal casualties in many ways, and with many workers who were not in some other union.

    So, the logic presented in both comments that basically try to tell me I’m stupid both yield towards “unions can strike if they want to because they have the right to do so”. Fine; I agree that groups of people can legally organize and be a single entity that sometimes would rather not get paid at all than get paid 95% of what they feel they deserve. In that situation, my counter is to bring in non-union writers and let them work for the 95% that the union members walked away from. It worked in professional sports when players unions decided they didn’t need their millions for a season.

    FYI – if every job in the US was moved to China, China would still have a labor surplus. Off subject, but something to chew on.

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