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Wii GH3 Friend Codes

Posted by Patrick on 13 Nov 2007

I’m surfing the Internets for some decent GH3 players that want to do some co-op on the Wii version and realized that I could just ask for people to submit if they want to play.

My GH3 friend code is 4811 5093 9408. If you want to do some hard/expert level co-op play then add me. Don’t forget to leave your friend code as a comment to this post.


64 Responses to “Wii GH3 Friend Codes”

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  2. Toxik said


  3. Patrick said

    thanks Toxik, but this is 16 digits like a console code. if you have the gh3 12-digit friend code then repost and I’ll add you. If you have big brain academy: wii then I’ll add your console

  4. DJ said

    mines 1246 7026 9091 i added u now u add meso we can play hard

  5. Patrick said

    I’ll be home on Saturday so I’ll add you then. Thanks for the note

  6. Andres said

    My code is 1719 1447 0103
    I play on hard mostly, but I can beat Expert mode up to Before I Forget (the intro is hard…)

  7. Steven (Sporkjuice) said

    mine is: 1848 0385 1577
    wii: 7691 7890 3764 3419
    ill add tonight and ill be off and on

  8. Brett said

    i will add u my code is

  9. Marcel said

    Hey watsup!

    I just got my wii/gh3 yesterday but alredy beat the game on expert! lol

    Uhh my fc on gh3 is 060249948312

    add me cuz i cant figure out how lol

  10. quade said

    my console:8488-2253-8442-7273
    my gh3:0989-0543-8420

  11. quade said

    steve n dj add me

  12. carter said

    wii:1685 0559 4133 1797
    gh3:2191 6444 4364
    quade i play hard plz add me

  13. Apocalyptic said


  14. quade said

    ok carter, but i dont play hard, i get into it but i dont play hard i only play medium cuz that damn orange button always throws me off

  15. quade said

    apocalypse add me too

  16. quade said

    carter u must have put you wii console code in wrong cuz it says its incorrect

  17. carter said

    ya im sorry it is 1685 0559 4133 1697

  18. carter said

    and your gh3 number isnt right it says this is a invialid freind #

  19. quade said

    alright well im watchin 28 weeks later and ill get on later and get it right

  20. quade said

    carter you must have entered it wrong cuz what i put up is right

  21. can someone plz play ex with me

  22. my numbers in my name is my code

  23. some one play with me my code is 365191996318

  24. is anyone there

  25. theycallmedj said

    mine is 189101349406 feel free to anyone to add me

  26. ajpjpa said

    yall i can beat ttfaf 80% so whoever wants to play just respond to me 🙂

  27. franc said


  28. Pavel said

    add my msn its corey-dude@ hot male . com

  29. Andrew Mauthe said

    MY FRIEND CODE IS 0860 2032 8514

  30. Troy said

    My fc is 532697735764.

  31. cuyo said

    hi this is my gh3 code 0044 1865 7509
    and my wii code is 1765 7941 1227 8296

  32. Puyol said

    someone add me i do expert finished it!
    or add me on msn
    so i can vs yous!

    take care.

  33. Puyol said

    oh yea my code is
    GH3: 356606518602

  34. bob said

    id love to play hard/expert co op with ya

  35. ghgod6 said

    yo, im looking forward to play u mann
    my friend code is ….. 1547 5173 2331

  36. Cristian said

    Hey someone add mii my friend code is 5809 6966 4555 8003
    my gh3 code is 0473 8299 9610

  37. zeyang said

    I only play on hard but my GH3 friend code is 519822765970

  38. Goofy said

    Hey, I’ve added everybody on this thread so my id is 2492 3324 0830
    I play expert and have finished all songs on expert so join me for a game ^_^

  39. sweet lou said

    hey add me mine is1289-9909-8071 plz lol

  40. jeremy said

    everyone add me. im addin all of u as i type(kind of). i play all difficulties

  41. Mike said

    my friend code is 5241-3818-9957. im practicly allwase on. and ya people add me

  42. billy said

    545606507975 PLZ ADD!!!!! i play expert only i want a challenge!

  43. Cantutopo said

    MINES 390988845339 PLZ AD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WII NUMBER:795999057844117
    PLZ ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Cantutopo said

    PLZZ ADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Cantutopo said


  46. aight ill add u…add me too…my gh3 fc is 262116864386….i play any difficulty…and if anyone else wants to add me go ahead….also add me on myspace i have some gh3 info there…

  47. scott thompson said

    hi plz accept mine it is 412457009465
    plz thnx

  48. keenan said

    hi add me i have no freinds but im realy good add if ur on medium or easy or posible hard
    plz plz plz add!!!!

  49. keenan said

    help i need freinds plz plz plz add me on 0602-8417-6806 plz im begging u i use medium hard and easy some come and play!

  50. BUF said




  51. BUF said


  52. Claire said

    My code: 1762 5591 8944

  53. bob said

    ma code is 0387-7942-0916 plz add

  54. alex gh3 rocks said

    hey was up i can do any level and any son except throuht the fire and flimes xD my code is 3480-5325-2305

  55. alex gh3 rocks said

    add me so i now when will be playing my messenger is

  56. alex gh3 rocks said

    and i have also added everyones codes so lets rock

  57. Lorens said

    my is 249273391110

  58. Joshua said


  59. Joshua said

    GH3 i get on 8:00-9:00AM and 1:00-2:00

  60. brownie said

    hi add me ive completed medium now on hard gh3 code:051706976694

  61. manny said

    ok challenge me like right now cuz im bored

    429 642 328 063

  62. maxmac said

    my friend code is 5242-4926-6084 plez add me give me ur friend code and we will be good im new at this soo plez add me

  63. maxmac said

    no bodys replyed sints 2008 its 2010 now hope u guys can add me 😀

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