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What searches find me

Posted by Patrick on 3 Dec 2007

I was reading a post in my friend ruhi’s blog and decided that my own searches from today were worth a look. Granted, her list is more diverse than mine – maybe it means I need to blog more about more stuff.

here’s what’s been searched for that landed on this blog today.
searches hitting this blog

Sadly, most of these are context appropriate for my blog. Here’s to hoping for some adventure!


3 Responses to “What searches find me”

  1. dinsan said

    you have quiet few of them 🙂 how many visitors do u have on a daily basis 🙂

  2. ruhi said

    Hot ladies Patrick? CA hotties? Hehe. Give me some more interesting terms 😉

    @Dinsan, Patrick has a lot of visitors. Just check one of his previous posts where he talked about getting 50k+ hits in less than a year 🙂

  3. Patrick said

    I think my favorite search here is the Coup de Pouce – someone must have read my article on turds awhile back and couldn’t remember the others because their adjectives are dead on.

    @dinsan, what ruhi said. I used to get about 30 hits a day when I started this blog last December, now I get about 250 on average days and I’ve had a 2000+ hit day twice. The included screenshot here is from an average day

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