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Heroes Volume 2 Conclusion

Posted by Patrick on 3 Dec 2007

I watched the end of Heroes volume 2 (season 2, episode 11) tonight and I believe I was nearly riddled with disgust at how the show had to be handled due to the writer’s strike. Yes, I think the show was appropriately paced given that the story had to end. When Tim Kring said that they had to make some changes to the end of episode 11 in the event that the strike persisted, I believe he was implying that they would go ahead and begin volume 3.

I don’t see what it buys us to end volume 2 so abruptly, except that NBC is being a big knob-tease on the whole “check out what we’re going to do next on” I guess to drive up traffic on their already slow website. This series is the best show to fall into NBC’s lap in quite some time, and it’s a damn shame to see the story unfolding in what is little more than a half-assed attempt to keep people watching. Is it all because of the writer’s strike? Somehow I don’t think so; somehow, I believe we’re not supposed to get the detailed storyline and backstory we had in season 1. Are we running out of ideas? There were only a few new heroes introduced this season, and not even all of them made it 10 episodes. Better yet, did we just lose Ali Larter from this show?

So, here is where we are at the end of volume 2 and the outset of volume 3. Below this line is a spoiler if you haven’t watched the 12/3 episode.

Peter: in Texas
Nathan: in Texas – shot but prob. not dead
Parkman: in Texas
Hiro: back in Tokyo
Kensei/Adam: buried alive in a Japanese cemetery
Claire: at her house
Noah: back with the company after a visit to California.
Elle: in Mohinder’s lab
Molly: in Mohinder’s lab
Maya: in Mohinder’s lab, alive after being shot by Sylar
Sylar: out on the street practicing with his powers
Mohinder: in his lab
West: he flew away from Claire’s house
Bob: we don’t know where he is
Angela: she was at home I think
Micah: with Monica
Nikki: we presume she died in the explosion
Monica: in New Orleans after escaping a fire

Open questions:
1. who shot Nathan? I would guess Noah if I had to. It was someone wearing a hat
2. who was Angela talking to on the phone? It may have been Bob, it may have been Bob’s boss.
3. will we ever see Caitlin again? God I sure hope so.
4. What was the real purpose of having Elle in this season? Was it to show the lengths that Bob will go to for the company, or was it to show that Bob was abusing his “daughter” and her ability so she could switch sides later on?
5. Can anyone be immune to Maya except Alejandro? What was the point of letting her live?
6. Why is Monica relevant? What is it about Micah’s grandmother in New Orleans we don’t know?
7. Why did Bob never use his powers after we saw him tempt Mohinder with the golden spoon?
-and many others-


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