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Why I am in love with Adrian Hartley

Posted by Patrick on 4 Dec 2007

First of all, I suspect many people do not possess the knowledge to pick Adrian out of a crowd.  She is the vocalist for the Blue Man Group’s “How to be a Megastar 2.0” tour that is currently making the rounds.

I had a hard time distinguishing her voice from Tracy Bonham live – that’s an accomplishment. But I’m sold on her because she also does a very good Venus Hum cover, and at the Denver show on 11/25 I thought she did a great rendition during the encore.

What puts me on the Adrian bandwagon is really hard to describe in a single phrase; she’s got a buttery, jazz-friendly voice with good range. She sings with a great deal of conviction – this was evident in the BMG show, especially in some of the songs that feature a wide vocal range. And I guess it helps that she tips the hotness scale on the good side. I’m on board with hotness that has a good singing voice. Overall, I think her niche is going to be something where she gets to use her full expressive range and really let her emotions do the singing for her – something like indie or blues or jazz a la Tori Amos or Norah Jones accordingly. If you also read my other blog, then you know that my son’s favorite song on earth is “Up the Roof” by BMG and Tracy Bonham. This year was my first chance to see this live, and I really loved the way she did this song – it had me excited to see my son so happy with it.

Keep your eyes peeled for her to do something bigger than guest vocalist for BMG.  Her website is here

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