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Golf, Summer, Beer and Healing

Posted by Patrick on 12 Jul 2008

Some of the email I get says that I never talk about what I’m doing offline in-between blog posts. So, I’m going to take this golden opportunity to summarize my week.

If I had to sum it up in 1 phrase, it would be: golf, summer, beer and healing. Consider this calendar of events starting last Sunday (7/6):

  • Sunday: 18 at South Suburban
  • Monday: 10 miles on the bike; 1 crash resulting in a wrecked knee
  • Tuesday: driving range – short game and bunker practice
  • Wednesday: 15 miles on the bike; driving range – short game and putting practice
  • Thursday: 9 at Lone Tree (front 9)
  • Friday: 9 at South Suburban (front 9), out drinking with Brian and Mora
  • Saturday: 15 miles on the bike; driving range (165)
  • Sunday (tomorrow): 18 at Highlands Ranch; 18 at Raccoon Creek

Mostly, I need to heal up this week, but it isn’t really going to happen. I think I’m playing as much as anyone I know. Combined with the bicycling that I’ve been doing now that my ankle is strong enough to ride again, I’m pretty much exhausted.

On the more restful side of things, I participated in Colorado’s new state law that allows the sale of alcohol on Sundays. Being the 32nd state to do away with the blue law which had been in effect since the prohibition era isn’t so special, but being from the South as I am I did feel a little bit awkward walking into Davidson’s last Sunday to grab some brewzilla.

Speaking of beer, I tried the New Belgium (their website is great btw) dabble in fruited ambers (it’s called “Old Cherry”) and I wasn’t impressed. My basis of comparison is Samuel Adams’ Cherry Wheat. I thought Old Cherry was really, really bad. This is from me, the only guy in my entire family that likes La Folie (I love that beer). It’s a lot like Fat Tire with grenadine in it – I just couldn’t get into the taste at all. Sorry NB brewers, but I’ll take some Mighty Arrow anyday.

After 36 holes tomorrow I’m going to really take about a week off from golf. I need to. My swing is getting out of shape, my right hand is starting to get blistered through its calluses, and my feet are just tired from walking with my bag up and down the Colorado landscape.

So, that’s what I’m doing. But, if the weather’s nice all week next week, I’m sure I’ll find a way to get some golf in.


4 Responses to “Golf, Summer, Beer and Healing”

  1. James said

    Just found your blog and you live in my neck of the woods. Speaking of beer (I also shop a Davidson’s) Have you tried Oskar Blues’ Old Chubb? They are a micro out of Lyons Co. My motorcycle guys like riding 7 down to Lyons and love their beer. Was pleasantly surprised to find out Davidson’s stocks it.

  2. Patrick said

    right on man thanks. I have not tried that, but I am going to Davidson’s tomorrow and I’ll give it a spin – thanks for the tip.

  3. Patrick said

    oh. and I was up at New Belgium’s brewery last weekend – they’re making a new porter called “Jessica’s Porter” which is VERY good for a stout. If you ever tried their “Lips of Faith” about 2 years ago, this is even better than that. Very chocolaty body and rich right through the nose. If they ever bottle that I’m buying.

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