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Digg Traffic & Non-Diggers

Posted by Patrick on 5 Mar 2007

Except for a few token highlights, I average about 100-150 hits a day on this blog. Most of the visitors are looking for Wii Z:TP info that is posted in some of my subpages, but I try to keep my main articles relevant. Recently, WordPress added the ability for users to post a Digg button in their articles, provided that the article has been submitted to already. I took this as a field experiment — if I submit socially-hot things to digg, will the people who use digg to find news and info in my blog actually digg the info they find?

Here’s the feedback since 2/24, listed on a by-article basis. I removed the 1 digg that comes with submitting an article:
3 articles theorizing on HP book 7: 2 diggs combined, 0 comments –> 42 digg hits
Article about Keeley Hazell’s sex tape: 1 digg, 0 comments –> 107 hits from alone in 1 day, however
Article about Heroes Ep17, posted pre-air: 3 diggs, 0 comments from diggers –> 39 digg hits
Article about Heroes Ep18, which airs tonight, and offered to answer questions about it: 0 diggs
2 Info pages about Z:TP which get hit a lot: 1 digg combined, 0 comments from diggers

Total: 7 diggs. Blog hits from since 2/24: 257 Dugg%:2.7%

Verdict: good for traffic if it contains the word “sex” or “game” or “TV” in the title. Will your article get dugg? Sure, if it’s about geekstyle or porno and actually contains those things, but probably not otherwise. Why mention that tidbit? It’s the direction the Internet multiverse has been heading for three decades (Give me a wankphoto or I’m leaving), so it should come as no surprise to anyone reading this particular article, which, I will probably not submit to digg.


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