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Wii GH3 Friend Codes

Posted by Patrick on 13 Nov 2007

I’m surfing the Internets for some decent GH3 players that want to do some co-op on the Wii version and realized that I could just ask for people to submit if they want to play.

My GH3 friend code is 4811 5093 9408. If you want to do some hard/expert level co-op play then add me. Don’t forget to leave your friend code as a comment to this post.


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Nintendo’s Wii Protective Covers Not too Shabby

Posted by Patrick on 30 Oct 2007

As a Wii owner I was privy to the offer of protective covers for my Wii remotes that Nintendo recently posted.  Under their agreement, they are including the covers in all new Wii console packaging and therefore those of us who already own a Wii are not being short-changed by the offer.  It’s a nice touch though it will cost them millions all in the realm of improving the safety for the user and providing some durability for the remote itself.

I got my covers yesterday; though I only own 2 Wii remotes I obviously got the max available during the offer, which was 4.  They’re pretty nice, actually; in fact, they are so nice that I consider them to be the second generation of protective covering for Wii remotes.  Initially we’ve been rimjobbed by glorified skins that do nothing more than keep the original remote clean and perhaps make a house full of kids’ remotes easier to identify.  This new, Nintendo-issued cover is much more than that.  It offers grip assistance, a protective “plug” for the nunchuk port, and it provides air-pocket cushioning on the front half of the remote where the delicate work is housed inside (and also to provide some protection from projectile remotes being launched at much costlier television screens).

What is my rating for the new protective covers?  On a 1-10 scale they are an 8.8.  I wish you didn’t have to remove nearly the whole thing to change batteries, and I wish there was a grip assisting cover for the nunchuk, which there is not.

Who has these that cares to comment?

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Wii Forecast Channel Goes Live

Posted by Patrick on 20 Dec 2006

As expected, Nintendo debuted its Forecast Channel for the Wii console on the 2oth. For most Americans, this is actually yesterday because it was already the 20th in Japan (given that we Americans will praise Nintendo for being early, and the Japanese would chide Nintendo for being late, it works out).
I YouTube’d for a video and I think this is the best one overall. It shows a pretty good demonstration of the channel and doesn’t have a bunch of jibba jabba commentary stating the obvious in a not-made-for-film voice.

Now I’m in anticipation of the Internet Channel going live, which Nintendo promises for 12/22 (so it should be tomorrow night for most Americans)

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Check out my Wii page

Posted by Patrick on 9 Dec 2006

I’ve got a Wii that I enjoy playing.  I’m going to maintain a short page on my current Wii stuffs, so check it out on that tab

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